version 1.3.2

TsBiff will oversee your mailbox and notify you when new messages appears. Notification is done via a window that appears up on your desktop, with a snapshot of the mailbox contents.



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  • Uses the POP3 protocol or an ordinary Unix mail box file for reading mail.
  • Supports smtp for sending mail.
  • It's possible to view a mail message (in detail) by double clicking on it in the table. A simple dialog will popup with all available headers and the mail contents
  • Timeout could be set so that the window will be hidden after a certain time. When new mails are present in the mailbox, the window will become visible again.
  • Mime encoded header fields are decoded.
  • Tsbiff can filter mail so you don't have to be notified of mail you're not interested in.
  • Select your own color and font for the tsbiff window
  • It's free - source code included with complet makefile system.

System requirements

  • Java version 1.3 or later



View the Change log. This log summarize changes made since the first version.



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